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This project required demolition of an existing single deck and incorporating the customer's design of a new two-tier deck and relocating the steps to the opposite side.

In order to accomplish this project, the following requirements were successfully completed:

  • Remove wall light/Repair metal siding
  • Install ceiling fan/light circuit
  • Install two GFCI outlets
  • Pour concrete pads for columns/steps
  • Relocate natural gas line for grill
  • Special order 20' long composite decking boards

Successful Planning

We provided the customer with the option of 3D Conceptual Drawings to assist in the design process.  The added benefit of being able to picture the finished product is also beneficial to ensure the customer is going to achieve the finished product desired. By relocating the steps to this side, we were able to establish another parking space on the other side.  Quite a benefit with a shared access driveway.  

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